Accessing and  Comparing Retirement Living Options in Canada

The Senioropolis Story

SenioropolisSenioropolis Inc. was created by Esther Goldstein, a former hospital social worker, out of a need for information on the private sector. It started with a book on retirement homes in Toronto in 1997 and expanded over time to become a book about retirement homes and resources for seniors across Ontario as well as a website of housing and resources for seniors across Canada. You are welcome to visit our sister website to locate resources and articles that you might require that are not on this site.

Content of Site

After many requests for use of our back end database on, we came up with the idea of this new site . While the basics are similar – a database of retirement homes across Canada – our concept and the data usability is quite different. To create this site, we surveyed many people who work with seniors to find out the key information they start with that helps them to determine whether or not they will arrange a visit to a home or go the next step and suggest one that might be a good fit for a senior. We then contacted every single home in our database to ask them those key questions. Their answers are what you will find in our database. Questions cover accommodation type, starting pricing, amenities, culture, languages and, a few other items deemed important. There are a few homes that refused to participate however, we have in these pages the most complete database of homes across Canada on the internet because of our method of data collection. Homes do not have to pay to be with us. They don’t need to complete a questionnaire themselves. We ask nothing of them beyond 10 minutes of their time to answer a few questions. No strings attached.

Our goal with this site is to make it a place that seniors, their families, retirement home operators and professionals who work with seniors can come to begin their search for a retirement home. Beyond our data, we always suggest that once you have come up with a few homes that you think will work for you, you visit, do your own research, get references, try the food and even book a trial stay. We have several articles on our resource pages that may help you in this regard so do click on the various links on our site. We will add and update information on a regular basis so do come back often to see what’s new!

Esther Goldstein

ESTHER KAREN HEMI GOLDSTEIN obtained a bachelor degree in science from the University of Toronto in 1986 and in Social Work from Ryerson University in 1990. She is a registered member of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

Esther worked as a hospital social worker in the Greater Toronto Area for 12 years, primarily with the geriatric population. A significant portion of her work involved counselling senior clients and their families about the difficult task of relocating to care homes and assisting them with the placement process. As Ontario's health care system evolved, people began turning to the private sector to care for their elderly that could not be managed at home. Information about retirement homes and many other private services was limited and hard to find so Esther created the website and its affiliated annual publication the Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living®.

In 2016 Esther embarked on creating a second website as a competitive and comparative database of retirement homes across Canada.  In addition, she shares her knowledge through article/blog contributions, media interviews and lectures/workshops at various venues including retirement homes, community agencies and private companies/organizations on "Senior Living Options" and related topics.

In September 2015, Esther’s appointment to the Stakeholders Advisory Council (SAC) of Ontario’s new Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority was renewed for a third term. At the end of 2016 Esther was appointed to the Chair position of the SAC. Additionally, Esther volunteers her time as a member of the Board of Directors of The International Breastfeeding Centre in Toronto.

Donna Bekker

DONNA SHERYL BEKER attended Dawson College & Concordia University in Quebec and studied in the Bachelor of Commerce program with a major in Marketing.

Donna brings more than 25 years of sales & marketing experience to Senioropolis Inc. having worked for various paper and online publications in her role as a Senior Account Executive. She was responsible for advertising sales, putting together various magazines, official advertising programs for trade shows and training of other staff.

Since joining Senioropolis Inc. in March 2009, Donna has forged many new relationships with homes and resources in Ontario that are part of our annual publication the Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living®. As well she has created a network of associations with residences and resources on  with new and diverse contacts across Canada. She has visited and met many people within the retirement industry and has spent much time researching and learning the different facets of retirement living. Always willing to learn new things about a growing industry, Donna welcomes any opportunity to speak and discuss options with any business whose target clientele is elder seniors and their families.

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