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Campuses of Care - Innovative Seniors Housing in British Columbia (BC)- Campuses of Care consist of independent living units, assisted living and residential care. Many have units that are government subsidized. A goal of these developments is to cerate a community where residents and staff support one another.
Key Factors When Selecting a Retirement Residence (CA)- What are the most important things to look for when searching for a retirement home?
Senior Housing Options in British Columbia (BC)- Seniors in British Columbia wishing to relocate from their current home have several options available to them depending on their care needs and available monthly income.
Home Care and Housing Options for Seniors in Saskatchewan (SK)- home care services and various housing options are available for seniors in Saskatchewan
Housing Options for Seniors in Nova Scotia (NS)- There are several available housing options for seniors in Nova Scotia currently.
Nova Scotia Housing Authority (NS)- Contact Information for all branches
Alberta Seniors Communities and Housing Association - ASCHA (AB)- Alberta Senior Citizens' Housing Association
Innovative Seniors' Housing Options (CA)- We know that the number of seniors is growing to previously unseen proportions and, as a result, there will be a need to develop many different kinds of housing solutions that will meet the needs of many with different budgets and care needs, while allowing people to remain active and independent for as long as possible.
Co-operative Housing for Seniors (CA)- Also known as co-op housing, it is a kind of non-profit housing in which the residents or members are actively and equally involved in making decisions and running the community they live in.
Senior Co-housing (CA)- Cohousing specifically for seniors has only been around for a few years and was developed because of the benefits discovered from multi-generational cohousing occurring in Europe and parts of the USA.
Home Sharing (ON)- For those who want to age in place in their own home, and believe they can benefit from having someone else around to help out, home sharing may be a viable solution.
Luxury Senior Condominium Complexes (CA)- Another housing opportunity for independent seniors is essentially a combination of retirement living and condominium ownership.
Adult Lifestyle Communities (CA)- Primarily for the younger (usually 55+) and completely independent senior or mature adult, these communities are commonly built in outskirt area.
What's the Difference Between Retirement Homes, Seniors Buildings and Long-Term Care in Ontario? (ON)- People attempting to determine the type of care they need for themselves or a loved one are often unaware of, or confused by, the difference in terminology with respect to levels of care.
Supportive Housing in Ontario (ON)- Some seniors' rental apartment buildings offer something called supportive housing services. This means that, if required, minimal to moderate care through personal support and/or homemaking services is available to residents.
Retirement Home vs. Long-Term Care In Ontario: What's The Difference? (ON)- Planning for your future or a loved one's can be stressful. There are many factors to consider, like budget, lifestyle and care needs. It's a smart idea to have a plan in place early on, so when the time comes the transition is easier.  
Inside Retirement Homes (CA)- It's surprising how many people have no idea or have the wrong impression, of what a retirement home is like. Many assume that retirement homes are the same as long-term care homes - which they most definitely is not!
Home and Safety Modifications (ON)- Many independent seniors have some minor mobility, hearing or vision issues which can increase their risk of a trip, fall or accident at home. It is always wise to ensure that the home is safe, especially if the senior has any deficits or functional issues.
Subsidized Independent Senior Housing in BC (BC)- In BC, subsidized housing (rent geared to income) for those with a limited income is available through BC Housing.
Subsidized Independent Senior Housing in Ontario (ON)-
Subsidized Independent Senior Housing in Saskatchewan (SK)-
What is a Reverse Mortgage? (CA)- If you are over 55, own and live in your own home, an additional option may be available to you that allows you to tap into the equity in your house.
Life Lease/Life Equity Housing in Ontario (ON)- A Life Lease or Life Equity property is primarily used in the not-for-profit sector to increase housing options for the senior market, and involves ownership but not in the traditional ‘condominium-style’ that most are familiar with.
Retirement Residences in Ontario (ON)- Retirement residences and communities (also called retirement homes) are ideal for older persons in relatively good health who may have minimal or moderate care needs and cannot (or do not want to) be in their own homes.
Assisted Living and Regulation in BC (BC)-
The British Columbia Seniors Living Association - BCSLA (BC)-
Supportive Living and Regulation in Alberta (AB)-
Personal Care Homes in Saskatchewan (SK)-
Long-Term Care in Ontario (ON)- If your care needs can no longer be met in the community or retirement home level does not appear to provide adequate care, you/your loved one may require a long-term care home. Long-term care homes (formerly called Nursing Homes) are licensed, regulated and funded by provincial government.
Long-Term Care in Alberta (AB)-
Long-Term Residential Care Homes in British Columbia (BC)-
Special Care Homes in Saskatchewan (SK)-
What Does Long Term Care Cost? (CA)- Nursing home/Long-Term Care across Canada varies in terms of terminology and cost factors. Long-term care is regulated & monthly rates are determined by each provinces' Ministry of Health. Every province determines what their rates are, when they are increased and by how much and what subsidies are available for those below the income level of the minimum accommodation rates.
How Much Does it Cost to Live in a Retirement Home? (CA)- Do you know what it costs to live in a retirement home ? Through significant research we have created a table of costs across Canada where our users can get an approximate idea of what it would cost to reside in a retirement home setting.
Subsidized Housing for Seniors in PEI (PE)- There are senior citizens’ public housing units in 34 communities across PEI.
Long-Term Care Home Complaints in Ontario (ON)- All long-term care homes must be settings where residents feel safe and secure and have all of their needs met.
What is a Life Lease Property? (CA)- When looking at starting the next stage in your life, the golden years, as it is so often called, you’ll be considering options such as assisted living, retirement communities, and even nursing homes (depending on your situation).  One option that you don’t often hear about, but is a great idea for those who qualify, is a life lease.