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How to Make the Transition to Retirement Living Easier (CA)- The reality is that moving to a retirement home ranks among one of the more difficult things anyone has to raise and discuss with someone they care about.
Relocation Basics and Downsizing Tips (CA)- Deciding to relocate a senior to a retirement home can be a monumental decision and can involve an tremendous drain on relationships and one's own emotional well-being.
Helping a Senior Adjust to their New Retirement Home (CA)- Change can be difficult for anyone under any circumstance and moving, often leaving a place tied to special memories and people, is one of the more stressful situations one has to deal with. Moving into a retirement community can present added challenges as there will be a new routine and many new people to get to know.
When Is It Time To Discuss Care or Relocation with a Senior Loved One? (CA)- The aging process for some is gradual and for others seemingly sudden. Caregivers need to watch, look and listen for signs that things are changing and needs are increasing.
Bridging the Gap: How to Communicate Your Concerns to Your Elder Loved One (CA)- You might be working through it now; or maybe it's a friend going through it. Either way, it can be so difficult, for everyone involved. And it doesn't need to be. We're talking about the communication breakdown that happens when someone thinks it's time for mum and dad to move out of the family home, and they don't want to.
DownSizing Made Easy (CA)- The process of Downsizing was a mix of good experiences and bad ones. The decision to actually do something about it was probably the most difficult.
Moving Into Retirement Living During COVID-19 (CA)- Making the decision to move to a senior living community can be challenging at the best of times. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this decision even more difficult. There are many things you can do to ensure that your loved one adjusts to their new surroundings.
Managing the Emotional Journey from Home to Senior Living (CA)- Moving a loved one from the family home into a congregate living setting can be a very challenging and emotional transition for everyone in the family.
Should I Move into a Retirement Home Now or Later? (ON)- Should I move now or later is a seemingly simple question but, it in fact, requires a complex and dynamic response.
How to Find a Downsizer (CA)- Downsizing from a large home to a smaller one (or a retirement setting) can be both physically difficult and extremely emotionally overwhelming, especially if you have lived in the same place for many years with possessions spread out throughout your home and furniture you need to dispose of. 
Top 4 Reasons why older adults should have a Living Estate Sale (CA)- The following are just some of the reasons why older adults should consider a living estate sale:
Don’t Get Down about Downsizing: A Senior’s Shifting Real Estate Guide to declutter and keep your most cherished memories. (ON)- The prospect of leaving behind treasured family memories can be traumatic for anyone at any age. For seniors, it’s especially challenging to contemplate sorting through decades of possessions, deciding what to save and what to let go of.